Historical Cruising

I had intended for this blog to be a place where I share my dazzlingly witty musings, and share my tales of growing up gayby.  Yet, as you can see, so far I have a post about a mop.

I thought of reviewing new sites I like, but when simplynoise.com (a site that provides free white noise) tops that list things are bleak.

So, onto things that are happening:

Nick, my husband, has started calling me a “cultural necrophiliac,” because of an article he read concerning Downton Abbey (  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-16609589 ). Basically, I enjoy a show that glorifies dead traditions and people. Really, though, is that so bad?  In reality, if I am going to be called a  “cultural necrophiliac” it should be  for enjoying websites that list hot people throughout  history like:  http://bangabledudesinhistory.blogspot.com/ which basically lists dudes and ladies from the history books that can be described as “bangable.”  My friend Tim and I discovered the site after spending our night trolling google images for dead artists we thought were hot, as drunk art historians do. During one of our many scrolls through the google, my eyes landed on this gem :

Portrait of Leon Bonat

Well, hello!

The fine glass of water before you is, Leon Bonnat (1833 -1922),  painter of things. Responsible for images like this:

Arguably, not as hot.

And, this:

Arguably, muy hot.

This just goes to show that drunk google -ogling can be educational.


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