Mojave, mo’ problems. Amirite?

Update: Apart from failing to post here, my days have been bustling with mundane activities. Most recently, I developed a fixation for nineties music videos.  (Life: I am living it!)

Anyway, all the valuable time I poured into this new activity made me realize two things:  1) I have terrible taste in music.  And

2) Holy balls, there are a lot of nineties videos that feature desert landscapes!

Mazzy Star- Fade into You (1994): That sad song with the tambourine.

Rusted Root- Send Me on My Way (1996): The Matilda Pancake Song.

Alanis Morissette-You Oughta Know (1996): Not even angry women listen to this song anymore.

Another weird trend: Free standing doors.

From the aforementioned Rusted Root video.Where does that door lead?

Answer: Nowhere.  Selena, Amor Prohibido (1994)

I wish I had some cool way to tie these ideas together to bring us closer to an explanation for the fuckery that was the nineties, but I can’t seem to come up with a theory that’s conclusive- other than that the entertainers of the nineties all secretly wished to be members of U2.

Exhibit A:  Art from the 1987 Joshua Tree Album.

“You too, can join us.”

I don’t know. Perhaps, I’m reaching. In other news, I think I can bring back high-waisted jeans.


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