Does Not Compute

I was at a birthday celebration the other day and the band “The Pussy Collectors” came up in conversation.  In my mind, the name conjures the image of a vacuum cleaner that indiscriminately picks up all things labeled “pussy”: lady parts, cats, wimps etc.  When I explained this to the guy sitting across from me, he shook his head incredulously and was like,” the filter on that vacuum … No.”  —And that was it, we moved on to another subject.

My brain, however, refuses to move on. I can’t get behind the logic. In what world do disembodied vaginas go unquestioned, yet the type of vacuum filter used for such a scenario becomes a point of contention?


Anyway, here’s a  a link to video of Christopher Walken  reading Where the Wild things Are (possibly an impersonator, but let’s not dwell):   It will make you feel better.


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