To the Max!

The in-laws are in town, so things are slightly off-kilter. Not to worry though,  this week’s frenzied activities will culminate in a giant wedding (as most romantic comedies do).

One benefit of having people in town, is getting to see the town through the eyes of  tourist. The first stop on my mother-in-law’s list: Sam’s club.

As we walked in we were greeted by a giant maxi-pad:

Greetings, female shopper!

Turns out this is actually a flotation device :

Maximum flo. . . .tation, that is!

I can’t imagine what type of team oversaw the production of this item without thinking of feminine hygiene. The pitch: It’s quilted,  narrow in the middle, and clearly not long enough to hold an entire human body. Sold!

As one might imagine, my husband had a fun time trying to explain to his mother why I excitedly ran towards the pool display while furiously jotting notes.


2 thoughts on “To the Max!

  1. Cassandra this is great! Dig your written voice. Plus I love that you take notes on real life. You are impacting me from a million miles away!! Well done, where do I send the subscription card?

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