CATegorically Awful

As a consequence of moving forward with my life and starting student teaching, I had to quit my old job as a school receptionist. This brings up all kinds of emotions that will remain happily suppressed while I write about something else (that is slightly related).

At the school where I worked, the office and clinic are connected to each other. And because the clinic houses the coffee pot, I spent a lot of time in there. Anyway, everyday for two years I was greeted by this thing:

“I assure you, I am medically trained. Plus, if anything goes wrong you still have eight more lives. Right?”

This doesn’t belong to the current nurse or the nurse before her, so the origin of this porcelain feline is a mystery. And somehow, being made of porcelain increases the creepy-factor by ten.

It also makes me think of the Sisters of Plenitude from the first episode in the second season of the modern Dr.Who series.  (We’ll just pretend that wasn’t a geeky sentence to write.)

More like Sisters of CAT-itude, amirite! right?

I will miss you, weird cat doll! Never stop creepin’.


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