This Mess

Color me not-amused, after watching last night’s premiere of The Choice on Fox. The show that, “forces contestants to first rely on personality over looks to get a date,” ( NYdailynews).

Let’s be clear, no choices on the show are based on personality.  In a nutshell, the “celebrity” contestants (I put celebrity in quotes, because each one made me do a “Who?” face) listen to a woman pitch herself for 30 seconds before deciding if they want to turn around and pick her for a potential date.  Basically, in first round the guys flip their chairs around based on audience reaction.

Much like the show the Voice, the contestants have to collect three women to create a team that they will whittle down in the following rounds. Here’s a clip that demonstrates the misogynistic scene: Que Horrible! 

In the second round the girls emerge with pageant sashes emblazoned with the male contestant’s name.

Seriously, am I the only one that sees this?

In this unstructured question/answer round each couple gets about 15 seconds to shout conversation at each other. “What? You lived on a farm? My favorite color is purple! ”

The first girl in each dating pool is eliminated based on this highly intellectual exchange.

And in the final round the guys go through the motions of the game, even though they have clearly already chosen who they think is hottest.

The show was highly disturbing to my female psyche. Primarily, I don’t understand how going on a date with Pauly D is seen as a prize. What is wrong with this planet?

File under: EVERYTHING that is wrong with this planet.  

On the flip side, I do have to admit that the participants are grown-ass women who are capable of making their own educated choices about appearing on a dating show.  I think that’s the bit that disturbs me most of all. I’m looking at you Cat Deeley. My jimmies, you rustled them.



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