For love of Gumption

[After I swallowed yet another piece of gum…]

Nick: Again?! Geez, remind me not to ever give you anything nice in gum form.

Cass: Um…like gum? What other “nice” things come in gum form?

Nightmare fuel

DO NOT say gum sculpture.

*Ahem* Just so that it doesn’t seem like I’m trying to portray my husband as a dimwit, I’ll add that in the past week he finished reading Shoshana Felman’s Jacques Lacan and the Adventure of Insight and has now moved on to Freud (for fun), all in addition to taking graduate level math courses. Plus, he’s hand sewing a teddy bear for my new born nephew. Meanwhile, I have spent full days alternating between reading teen fiction and browsing reddit, all the while contemplating whether or not to write a blog about peeing in the shower. So see, I need to celebrate the small moments when I get to be the smart one.

Pictured: Man who knows nothing of gummy horrors, accompanied by woman who may or may not have peed in the shower.


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