On the Road

I’m currently in Virginia and have been off the internet for nearly 30 hours (equal to 5 reddit years)!  I drove up with a friend who was nice enough to invite me along so I could see my sister. So far I’ve learned:

I hadn’t noticed this before, because whenever I drive up here with Nick we stop once (if at all). This time around it was a car full of girls, so we literally stopped once every hour.

  • Also learned, tweens say the darndest things: “What if giant people just picked us to pet us, like we do to animals?”
  • My sister is far cooler than I give her credit for ( I kind of just tell everyone she’s crazy….and she is, just not any more than the average individual).
  • Nick’s productivity level soars when I’m out of the house.  Here’s a pic of the huge hand-sewn bear he completed in my absence:
    Beary Cute

    Boom! Bear!

    Seriously,  the bear is huge. Anywho,  I’m here until Friday so post will be sporadic (as usual).  But here’s a fun link  to assuage my guilt in case I can’t post later: http://slacktory.com/2012/06/reddit-anesthesia-thread/


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