Fowl Play

When walking towards the dining room today, I saw a flutter of brown move quickly across the room. My brain stalled as I tried to identify what I had seen. Then it flew up and hit a window as the words,”Bird in the house!” escaped my gasping mouth. The bird flew again towards the bay window creating the resounding ding associated with glass on bird contact. I quickly flung the carport door wide open and started trying to get the bird to fly out, instead it flew again towards the window. I realized that the bird would never fly towards the door while I stood near it frantically gesturing towards the exit all the while emitting a high pitch continuous slew of encouragement and panic, “Noo fly OUT, little bird! Oh my gosh, what do I do? Bird in the house! Nick, bird! Bird in the house! Come on little bird, outside!” Meanwhile Nick, responded to the cacophony of noise by shutting doors on the far side of the house (which is actually a good response to a wild animal in the house). Upon realizing that I was probably scaring the bird, I tried to retreat to the corner while still coaxing it outside (at one point I think I was whistling). The bird promptly flew across the room towards the door then hit the mirror about two feet away from the exit. Stunned, it just perched on the coat rack collecting it wits. Then, without much fanfare it flew out. Then, Nick showed up.
It should be noted that just before this incident, I had been boasting about my innate ability to critically assess a situation to find solutions. Yup.

It's a hermit thrush.

“I’m all up in this house, ruining your perspective of self. And possibly, your windows.”


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